The Perfect Painting For You

If you love my style but don't see anything that is just right for you, you can commission a custom piece of art for your space. I love the process of working together to collaborate on the right colors, size, and feeling you want to capture in your unique piece of art.

Working with Erik to create a piece for my partner was a magical experience. He really listened to what I wanted and the theme I was going for. My partner cried when he received his exquisite and unique art created by Erik. He is truly a master.
— C. Wells - Florida
Mock Two Easels.jpg

1. Get Inspired

Check out the paintings in the shop, on Instagram, and in my portfolio. We can start a conversation about why you are drawn to each one and discuss what kind of painting you want. Fill out the inquiry form and I will send you the price chart.


2. Choose a Size

Pick from landscape, portrait, or square format in a variety of sizes to suit your space. I will create a custom listing for you on my site and after you pay the downpayment, I will get started on your custom painting.


3. Choose A Color Scheme

Share your photos, fabric swatches and inspiration ideas with me! I'll create a rough mini version of the piece which will include your ideal colors and composition. This will allow you to imagine your final painting, I can even mail it to you so you can see how the color scheme will look in your space.


4. Photo Review

After I begin the first layers of your piece, I will send you in progress photos to make sure the color balance, composition, and direction feels right to you. I will make any necessary adjustments as I add layers to your work in progress, sending more photos as your painting evolves.


5. Finishing Touches

Once the color balance and composition are just right, I will add details, texture, and layers. As the painting nears completion, I'll check in with you for approval. Based on your feedback, I'll add the finishing touches and send a final photo.


6. Approval & Delivery

Once everything is perfectly polished, you'll make your final payment and I'll arrange shipment or delivery.

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